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FoodShed Productions
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Attitude is key!

Ask any farmer. Without the right attitude your endeavors will fail. There is no better, nor forgiving, teacher than nature and the relationship you cultivate with your plants. However, engaging in and maintaining food production requires a bold desire for personal maturation and human connection.

We Coach for plant health!

We know everyone has the capacity to become producers - it’s the forgotten birthright of humanity! Most of us have been removed from our agrarian roots so we understand any hesitation, in fact, it’s perfectly fine, respected, and even appreciated! Just consider for a moment, that most local farmers are first generation farmers!  Get your feet wet before you go for the swim and check our -  In Community & You Keep Growing! - pages.  

Maintenance is all that is required for your personal foodshed

FoodShed Productions offers four coaching services and an economic split to maintain our clients visions of food production. All maintenance visit prices are based on 1 hour of work.

As Needed - It happens. The weeds get ahead of you, your schedule is the priority, and your garden needs attention. We’ll do it. We’ll miss your company but it we’ll it get done.

Regular - $50  SNAP - $40

Sweat Equity - We seek and are encouraged by our returning and future producers who simply need an extra hand when the work load picks up and desire to become familiar with the maintenance routine.

Regular- $42  SNAP - $32

Community Grower  - Now this is interesting! Commit to hosting a social evening with your friends and neighbors and FoodShed Productions will bring an engaging workshop to the comfort of your own home! It’s your personal season pass. Check for details on the “In Community” page.

Regular - $35   SNAP - $25

Season Pass - Based on an 8 month growing season, FoodShed Productions will arrive at your home on a monthly schedule.  

Regular - $280   SNAP - $200