FoodShed Productions
Phone: (720) 878 7878

Our Vision:

Food production is part of all family cultures.

Our mission:

to raise the caring capacity of communities and resilience of our local environments through resident education in organic backyard farming.  

You’re in a foodshed!?!

Foodshed is an adaptation of a 1929 concept: watershed.  It describes the movement of food from production to consumption.  In the global food system, foodsheds are defined by scale, from the global  foodshed to local foodsheds. FoodShed Productions, a small, yet, high-impact social enterprise is named for its’ drive to build the local foodshed.  

So how does FoodShed Productions work?

“We Build, We Coach, You Keep Growing” - our motto, core service, and explanation of how FoodShed Productions operates. Together or alone, we design-build a garden to meet economic, environmental and palate constraints of residents. We coach furture producers through the fundamentals of organic food production. You keep growing as a producer every season with FoodShed Productions, your coach, on call.

Ever been a SNAP recipient? We have a hook and reel but it is up to you to start fishing! Keep reading and let us know - you’re our inspiration!

We’ve set out to build our local foodshed and are doing so on three levels. Which level is best for you? We have some ideas but it’s your decision to get involved!

Our front end services:

Our intermediate services:

Our back end services:

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