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Youth In Community - OH SNAP! - FoodShed Productions is teaming up with local youth and we’ve accepted a challenge!

Our goal: to make organic food accessible through the empowerment of local youth as capable family providers.

In rhythm with the seasonal tasks required by SSCG Expansion, students will have successfully developed a cultural practice necessary to build and maintain a family garden and harvest for their family’s table.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” -Aristotle

As a novice producer, each participating student will practice first on their community garden plots and reinforce what they have learned at home.

We hope to pilot this program during the 2014 growing season. Get signed up for the Youth In Community program and be part of spearheading a community movement for organic food production!


Looking forward - This first step in the development of the Youth in Community program is geared towards developing community roots! A Neighborhood Supported Agriculture (NSA) program starts with employing our youth! An NSA is a collective of neighborhood gardens that sell membership shares of produce to neighbors, restaurants, or at a farmers market.

Support our youth, make new friendships, donate your yard, that’s all we ask! In return, you’ll know friendly faces, enjoy a share of organic local produce from your backyard, and encourage civic engagement among the younger generations - all while  developing a city-wide organic foodshed!


Who’s hungry?

Like our direction? Get involved, come out to an event, or connect us with someone you know who wants to grow!