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The transition from consumer to producer is experiential and does not occur overnight let alone a growing season. This unique cultural agreement between producer and plant is journey that not only spans the lives of each plant, it lives on in the soil and the lessons earned. “Both plants and animals depend on this agreement for their very life and are accepting of human knowledge, belief, and behavior experienced or not” (Miller, 2013). We all start at the same place: not knowing, needing advice, and a coach to follow. Getting started is about short circuiting potentially negative outcomes that are a result of inexperience and this is your opportunity!

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For urban environments and increased accessibility, space is at a premium, making intensive gardening methods in raised beds economic in every sense. An intensive gardening method minimizes space while producing higher yields with less weeding. Raised beds have soil temperatures warmer in the morning and later into the evening, offering consistent germination of seeds directly sown and vigorous plant growth throughout our season.

Raised Beds

4’ x 4’ $175  -  4’ x 8’ $250  -  4’ x 12’ $350

Design-Build $100 + quote on Materials/Labor


Sweat Equity 25% off hourly rate*


*Hourly rate $25/hr for on-site labor

For suburban and rural environments, space may not be an issue, giving credence to row gardening. Whether your approach to food production is aimed at complementing our farmers markets with a few preferred crops or shifting a larger portion of produce to your land, it would be a pleasure to assist your transition.

Row Gardens

Flat-rate $25/hr + Materials

Sweat Equity discount applies