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FoodShed Productions
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Our vision of “food production as part of all family cultures” is about you, not us. We will teach what you need to know for the success and satisfaction of growing your own organic vegetables. From your soil and seed to your table and everything in between!

Experiential Learning is our focus - to the point of discounting your participation at every level of our service! Give us company, pick our brains, and get more done with the extra set of opposable thumbs and human frame.  Where else can you get more for less! Make us work, that’s our challenge to you!

SNAP Recipient?!? - We recognize the sustainable food system for what it is: predominantly inaccessible to those who stand to benefit from it most. With recent cuts to the federal and state programs, our services are aimed at bridging the economic gap to organic food security. Check out our SNAP-prices and ask about the Youth in Community Program. We are looking to pilot the program this year!

Never had a ‘green-thumb’? It’s only due to not having worked with tomatoes before - they’ll green up this summer if you grow some. OUR CONFESSION: we immersed ourselves in organic food production in the beginning of 2011 with some wonderful mentors and a lot of study. The knowledge and skills we employ while coaching residents in family-scaled backyard farming is a reflection of our roots. We all start at the same place, it is simply important that we start and have a coach to guide the way!

If you are new to food production there are a few key times you’ll need some pointers: preparation of your soil, planting, maintenance, harvesting, and maybe some pointers on what to do with the food you’ve grown!

We are always on call to schedule a visit or if you’d like, buy a season pass and take that vacation. The rhythm of each season, defined by its tasks, is largely consistent - every producer shares this uniquely human experience, roughly at the same time each year. FoodShed Productions limits the number of clients each season to ensure we can meet the season’s demands and place your crops’ success above potential crop failures! As a client your experiential learning is fundamental to discovering and maintaining a seasonal rhythm. We don’t expect self-reliance in your second season but it remains our goal.