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We’re Hungry!

Our generation, the legatees of the baby boomers, are late bloomers. Raised amid mass-marketing, empty sales pitches, spiritual materialism, and unfinished work of the civil rights era, we haven’t exactly been behind the wheel. But hey, what better course in disorientation could we have - to get orientated.

We’ve had to find our own path or accept the ones presented to us. There are unfathomable points of entry to discovery of our own path yet the paths that are most prevalent have been the ones made available. In either choice, it has been a battle of circumstance alone.

FoodShed Productions found us

When this social enterprise was just a concept, a friend commented, ‘it’s nice to see someone fighting to make a service more affordable’

A social enterprise, a for-profit, earns its economic viability involved in work more often associated with non-profits. FoodShed Productions measure its worth by monitoring the pulse of our local impact: socially, environmentally, and economically. How do we know? Client in-take and exit surveys, third-party auditing (GIIRS), and our ability to keep coaching says it all.

Benefit Corporation vs. the LLC; what you need to know.

This viable corporate status in Colorado (Apr. 14’), gives the opportunity and directive to place the organizations mission on par, or even above, the financial bottom line.  No longer can a board terminate a director for doing ‘what’s right’ over making the shareholders a profit.  In fact, it is just the opposite! Liable to the beneficiaries of the product or service, the benefit corporation is legally bound to place people before profits. What’s more, the by-laws can establish unwavering continuity amidst  succession of leadership and board membership.

Our course is set so you can expect a heightened sense of accountability to our constituents served as well as tangible outcomes of a higher quality of life!

So who’s behind the curtain and producing producers?

   Marion Frebourg – a French expatriate with a cultural appreciation of organic food in French Cuisine.  She has worked on large and small agricultural farms, which have benefited from her diverse experience and consistent work ethic.  A graphic artist by training, she knows her work is enriched through cultural immersion, be it a farming, construction, or a start-up enterprise culture, she is ready for the challenge and eager to serve.

“I didn’t realize it as a kid, I didn’t really care, so now I’m in the process of making food. I can actually reconnect with what my mom used to do or what was in the garden and it’s a new relationship that I have with my parents.” - Marion Frebourg - Co-Founder and Graphic Artist behind FSP

   August Miller – an American once removed from America’s agrarian roots, reunited with the ability and experience to provide for family and community.  Motivated by cultural potential he has chosen to pursue adult education as a means of achieving an improved quality of life, one person at a time.  With a B.A. in Environmental Design and M.A. focused on Non-profit Management and Social Entrepreneurship, August is developing FoodShed Productions as a hybrid, a for-profit and non-profit committed to a renaissance of local food systems.

"I can't say no to a good idea. Just because it doesn't make money, doesn't mean it shouldn't be done. Let the community decide if they want it or not - we just want to shine a light on the idea." - August Miller, Co-Founder and Director behind FSP.