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You keep growing! Is all about ways to get involved in Boulder’s foodshed. These intermediate programs are geared towards promoting and accessing cultural knowledge, resources, and skills.

The three pilot programs being launched this season are: Youth In Community, Second Start Community Garden (SSCG) Expansion, and the Boulder County Crop Mob. Each is a free service project to our growing community and our vision of “food production is part of all family cultures.”

The Boulder County Crop Mob. Epitomized by a traditional barn raising, a crop mob is a community building exercise that brings the community to a farm to accomplish with many hands and guided teamwork important projects on a farm. The crop mob not only allows FoodShed Productions to acknowledge our roots but more importantly, it is an opportunity to nourish what makes our foodshed healthy and strong.

Please check the left side of this page for details on crop mob events.

SSCG Expansion. FoodShed Productions recognizes the value of green spaces in our community. We can’t beat their prices and it is your best opportunity to grow your own healthy food. The problem is, it’s full. With Boulder Prep High School we’ll be adding new plots this season. The students get to keep what they grow and the garden gets to offer the community additional garden space!

Youth In Community - OH SNAP! - If you’ve been a SNAP recipient in the past or are still one now and can’t justify the added maintenance and coaching expense. Here’s the scoop! FoodShed Productions is teaming up with local youth looking to fill outside of class credits or accumulate community volunteer hours. FoodShed Productions is training the youth at SSCG (at no charge) so they help and coach you in the maintenance of your garden. Give it a thought and give us a call.

How can you help out? Give serious consideration to you own transition to becoming a producer or come out and lend a hand and support our community!

Next season we will be launching two additional programs that engage the public with our sustainable ag heroes. Look for updates this Fall!