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Every garden site is different.

A flexible approach to the overall plan and its implementation, even if you intend to do it all, is a good idea. Seek advice from someone you know who has a good grasp of the conditions required by individual and mixed crops.

Keep in mind, there is no singular ‘right’ ways to food production. However, there are definitively misinformed practices to which scale of food production provides no immunity. Pesticides, herbicides, neonicotinods, and other synthetic amendments all seek to supplant what nature does of its own accord with added costs and diminishing returns to the producer.  We can’t control something as small as a seed so why not nurture and guide what it already wants to do.

What’s in a FoodShed Productions Consultation?

Intake form (optional (primary quantitative research on the social conditions for food production))

Producer Preferences (why produce what you don’t eat!)

Site Map

Vegetable suitability per garden site

Estimate of sun exposure

Estimate of ventilation


Preferred Crop Rotation schedule

Before Pictures

Instruction on getting started

Service Options

Estimate of Garden Build-Out

Standard Size or Design-build


Plant starts

Build date

Fill removal

Follow-up Email (for accuracy)

A consultation will take approximately 1 hour of your time and an additional 2 hours of our time to provide you with the follow-up email.  

All of this and we charge only $50 for our consultation!